Our Family

This is our family! We aren't your traditional family, as Cole and I aren't married (that'll change later this year ;)). We have three children, Camden, Ryleigh, and Jaxton.

A bit about me and Cole-

We are both 23. We went to the same school growing up and had some of the same friends, but we never knew each other. We met December 2015 and were just friends for a while then in June 2016 we decided to give us a try, because why not? And everything has been going amazing. We drive each other insane, but also keep each other sane at the same time. I take care of the kids during the day while he works his butt off in the sun and then when he gets home he goes straight to "daddy duty". Not because I ask him to, but because he loves Camden, Ryleigh, and Jaxton to death and loves hearing how excited they are when their Daddy gets home. He is so amazing with them.

A bit about Camden-

Camden is four years old and was born on October 2nd, 2013. He was born without arms or legs and was diagnosed with Amelia-Phocomelia Syndrome at birth. *You can read about me finding out he didn't have arms or legs here.* Despite Camden's limb difference, he is your typical four year old boy. He picks his nose, thinks farts are funny, never stops talking, and is always messing with his younger sister. He can draw, paint, sit up by himself, feed himself, wash his own face, brush his own teeth, climb up stairs, and so many other things. If you have any questions at all about his limb difference, please don't hesitate to ask! We are all open!

A bit about Ryleigh-

Ryleigh is three years old and was born on Novmeber 7th, 2014. I could write a whole book series about this child because she is WILD, even though she often leaves me speechless. She's my "different species of human" child. You never know what she is going to do or say, so she always has me on my toes. She loves to be told that she is SO BEAUTIFUL at least 3847 times a day, she loves to get into mommy's makeup and paint herself and Camden with it, she loves shoes, necklaces, and pretty clothes. Then she loves bugs and animals, is fascinated with poop, and loves to talk about everyone's boobies. I'm sure you'll end up being horrified at some points, but you'll absolutely fall in love with her.

A bit about Jaxton-

Jax is almost 4 months old and was born on July 4th, 2017. He is such a sweet and happy baby! He is also HUGE for his age- he’s already wearing a size 4 diaper! He can roll from his tummy to his back and can already say “hey”. 

So yeah, that's our family. :)


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