Q&A: Sept '18

We are starting something new! I always have an overwhelming amount of messages that just feel impossible to get to, so every once in a while I am going to have an "Ask Me Anything" post, where you can ask whatever questions you want and I'll answer them here on my blog to have them easily accessible. 

Q: "When is Cam going to school and is he receiving speech therapy?"
A: We started home school a few weeks ago and at this time Camden is not receiving speech therapy.

Q: "How many children do you still want to have?"
A: We have planned for only 4 biological children and to adopt two more children through fostering once all our biological children are in school. 

Q: "How does Cam wipe his butt? If he doesn't yet, will that be something he can learn to do? I'm really not trying to be offensive. This is something I've wondered once I began watching (and get inspired by) Nick Vujicic too."
A: This was one of my main concerning questions when I finally realized that Camden can live a mostly independent life! After discussing this in our community of others with limb differences, we decided to look into a bidet adaption for our toilet seat. A bidet seems like the most realistic option that will require very little effort.

Q: "How are you finding your everyday life now with pregnancy and taking care of 3 little ones? Also, how do you keep a positive mindset? Beautiful family."
A: At first, it was really hard for me taking care of the kids and being pregnant. I was still breastfeeding Jax for his nutrition up until he turned a year old, which was 20 weeks gestation for me. I was having difficulty eating and drinking enough to sustain myself while growing a fetus and nursing a baby. The both of them were taking everything I had. But I was determined to breastfeed Jax for at least a year because all of the nutrients and antibodies a mother's milk provides is something I feel very adamant of my children having in that first year of life. Now that he is weaned, things are a lot easier on me. Besides my growing belly getting in the way sometimes and the kids thinking they have to boop my bellybutton. 
Keeping a positive mindset, well, I'm not really the type of person to be super negative. I tend to just go with the flow and not take things very seriously. I don't really know how to explain it. It just comes naturally to me, I guess.
Q: "What percentage of comments on average offend you? What percentage of those offensive comments do you think were made unknowingly?"
A: I actually VERY rarely get offended. And I honestly cannot even quote a comment that has offended me, because I don't remember. I mostly just get annoyed by rudeness or ignorance, but I delete those comments for my own personal mental health. Unless I'm feeling feisty and want to say something back just for the heck of it. Most of the time a response from myself or others just isn't worth it.

Q: "Will your son be fitted for prosthetics at any point? I wasn't sure if you wait until a certain age when they have grown a certain amount? Obviously the little guy is capable of so much! I just was curious if that was in his future."
A: We were told that he has to wait until he is about 7-9 years old before he can even attempt a prosthetic so his joints, muscles, and ligaments can mature and be strong enough to support the weight of a prosthetic. I personally do not think that prosthesis are necessary for Camden because all he is capable of and how important it is for him to learn to do everything without them, so we don't even talk about them. But if he ever expresses the desire for an aid, we will 100% pursue that route immediately to get that set up for him. 

Q: "Hi honey. May u tell me what supplements has ur Dr prescribed during pregnancy? Like fullic acid and...?"
A: I don't take prescription supplements. I believe all of my children have a MTHFR gene mutation, as they all have the mid-line defect markers. And with that gene mutation it isn't good to put folic acid in their systems as their bodies cannot properly turn folic acid into folate and it just builds up. I take prenatal vitamins that have methylfolate instead. Methylfolate comes straight from whole foods, unlike folic acid. I take THORNE prenatal supplements. Its a little pricey, but 100% worth it in my opinion. 

Q: "How are the kids compared to the new baby brother? Are there any more jealous? are very happy?"
A: I don't think any of the kids are jealous of each other. They all love each other very much and are all always playing with each other. But they do compete for attention, which is completely normal for their ages. Its cute.


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