Celebrating Differences: Camden

“Camden was born in December, 2016 completely healthy and happy, at 6 weeks old he was diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalomalacia after 42 hours of seizures, after a hospital admittance for RSV, after he came off the ventilator we were told he would be limited due to his injury, they stated he may not walk, talk and may have vision and hearing issues, when he was released from the hospital we brought home a completely different child, it was a learning experience for us, and I had to learn the best ways to care for him. He is now 15 months old and globally delayed as well as  muscle tone issues such as spasticity and dystonia. He is weekly PT and OT and is now rolling over and somewhat self feeding we strive for progress no matter the pace! His most recent MRI revealed his lesions have progressed to other areas of his brain and he had some abnormal labs as well so he has been referred to a geneticist because they believe he may have a urea cycle defect.”

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