New Changes- The Admirably Diverse Mom

New changes are coming for Admirably Diverse! I've been thinking about making a sister page for Admirably Diverse - A Sibling Adventure (Camden and Ryleigh's Facebook page) for a while now. After we got thrown in a hole financially late last week, I decided now is the time. I created a new page, The Admirably Diverse Mom, to share all things mom (my blog posts, articles, videos, my thoughts etc.) and to help promote my work from home business! Admirably Diverse - A Sibling Adventure will now just be all about Camden, Ryleigh, and baby Jaxton. 

But back to me becoming a work at home mom! 

I'm about to get really real... Over the weekend we were thrown in the hole financially. Cole and several other good men didn't get paid for the last two weeks of work they did because an evil person just felt like they didn't have to keep their word and pay them. Basically taking food out of people's mouths and diapers off of babies bottoms. It has totally devastated us. We're supposed to be moving into an apartment in about 3 weeks, we have a baby due in 4 weeks that we aren't even prepared for yet, and all of our stuff is still in Georgia! We were counting on that money to make everything happen!

Then on Saturday I saw one of my pregnant momma friends post about how you can sign up for It Works! for only $9.99!! I commented and said that I hope she does it again soon, because I just can't commit to something right when I'm about to have a baby! (My third baby in 4 years at that... but that was just me making excuses.) Then someone commented and asked me what I had to lose. I thought in my head "idk, I may not be able to buy my kids diapers this week and Cole may not have the gas money to go to work?" Me making excuses again because I cloth diaper half the time. But I told her she was right. Because she was. 

My friend sent me a few encouraging voice messages. I realized that God was telling me to do it. We're hurting so bad financially and live pay check to pay check every single time. A big sign was being held in front of my face and part of me was trying to push it away. So I told Cole and he listened to the messages with me. He told me to do it. So with only $23 in my bank, $82 in credit, and $3 cash on me, I signed up to be an It Works! distributor. 

I truly feel in my heart that this was put in front of my face by God and I KNOW that I am going to be one of those success stories. One day I'll be equally contributing financially to my family and not have to work a job just to pay for someone else to take care of my children. One day I won't have to live in apartments for low income families anymore. One day I won't have to have myself or my children on medicaid or other government assistance. 

One day *I* will be able to build my family's dream home -a home that Camden will physically thrive in. 

One day *I* will go to the grocery store and not have to use a calculator to make sure I stay within my budget. 

One day *I* will buy my own car. 

One day *I* will be able to buy Camden a crazy cool wheelchair. 

One day *I* will be able to help another family just like mine, because they deserve it. 

One day *I* will be an It Works! success story, all for my deserving babies and my man that takes care of us so well.  

***If you want to build your success story with me, then please email me at katiewhiddon@admirablydiverse.comYou can only become a distributor for $9.99 until the 30th of June! The business builder kit includes 4 wraps that you can either keep for yourself or make an automatic profit by selling them $25 each!  After that it goes back to $100 to sign up. Don't push it away like I almost did! Let's help each other succeed!!***


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