Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Camden!

My sweet baby boy,
One year ago on this day, at 6:02pm, you came into my life. On this day, I saw your face for the first time, and my heart became full instantly. On this day, you changed me. You changed the way my heart loves and the way my mind thinks. On this day, your beauty and strength gave me hope in all things. I never knew that a 4 pound 8 ounce, 12.5 inch long little boy could have so much of an impact on my life. 

I remember touching and kissing your newly born head. The feeling of meeting you for the first time was the best I have ever felt in my life. It was magical. Everything felt right. In my heart, I knew God created us both to go together. I knew I belonged to you and you belonged to me. You were the missing piece to my puzzle.

The first month of your life went by and you had taught me so many things. Before you were born, I was so unsure of how life would be. I was afraid it would be hard and that every day would be a battle to protect you from ignorant people and comments. It wasn’t that way at all. There was no need to protect you. Just in your first month of life you showed everyone all by yourself, including me, how amazing you were. It was just the start. 

Your second month of life was one of my favorite months. We flew from Texas, where you were born, all the way to Georgia, where Mommy was born, and you met almost all of your family.

On your second month of life Mommy made a promise to God that I would raise you in his word.

On your second month of life, we became a family on Christmas day.

Your third month of life you showed me that sometimes Momma has to stand up for you and be your voice. To show people, including doctors, they need to give you the same chance I gave you! To not hold you back. To let you be everything you want, can, and will be. To NEVER say you cannot do something. To let YOU SHOW THEM, instead them telling you. To let you decide your own future. I learned that if you couldn’t get the best treatment at “the best hospital” then I needed to pick up everything and move all the way back to Georgia for the same reason I picked up everything and left, to get you the best! 

During your fourth month of life, Daddy became your new best friend. The months of being a Mommy’s boy were over and you became a diehard Daddy’s boy. As much as it hurts my heart when you scream your little head off and wrap your tiny little arms around Daddy when I try to take you away, it also makes my heart feel full to know that you love each other that much.

March came around and you turned five months old. You were getting so big and so smart and... you lost all of your hair. You made Mommy and Daddy more proud every day. 

When you were six months old you had your very first Easter! It’s also when you, Daddy, and I got our first house together. You seemed so happy to have your Mommy and Daddy every day and night. It made me so happy we could finally give you that.

At seven months old you got to tell everyone that you were going to be a BIG BROTHER in November!!! 

On your eighth month of life, life was pretty normal. You were just a growing smart baby doing your own thing. Exploring your world and trying all kinds of food. Your hair started to come in really good and started to show little curls! You swung at the park for the first time, you had your first emergency trip to the hospital for a dry drowning scare, and you got to spend Father’s Day with your Daddy! We also found out you were getting a baby sister!!

Nine months came up really fast and we were on our way to Shriners Hospital for Children, for the very first time! Mommy was scared we were going to have the same outcome as the last hospital we went to, but thank God we didn’t!! They welcomed us warmly and gave you a lot of gifts!! They told us you would get your first wheelchair at two years old and we would start trying out prosthetic arms when you are 7 – 10 years old. This hospital had so much hope in you and I could tell that they believed in you just like I do. 

When you were ten months old you started eating breakfast all by yourself and we started sensory play with food and toys. A company called, Healing Helpers, sent you a bear that was just like you. Soon after that you did tummy time on your own for the very first time!! Mommy was so incredibly proud of you! 

In September you turned eleven months old. That’s when we decided to show the world a beautiful picture you drew for Daddy's birthday. Some people said that you didn't really draw that picture, so we took a video and showed them! On that day you did a big boy thing and showed thousands of people that they don’t need to be so quick to come to conclusions about what you, or any other differently abled person, are able to do! You showed them that if you wanted to do it, you did it. You made me very proud!

Today, you turned ONE YEAR OLD. I let you blow bubbles in your milk at breakfast, let you have yogurt and spaghetti for lunch, you had Chick-fil-A and a cookie for dinner, and you are wired on the chocolate milkshake Daddy got you. You make me more proud than I could have ever imagined you would. You can say, dada, daddy, mama, hey, bye, stop, doggie, bath, crap, yeah, and okay. I'm sure I am forgetting some words. You have three bottom teeth and one top tooth. You sleep in your own bed like a big boy, but you still wake Mommy up several times a night. You can roll over all by yourself and sit on your own as long as you have a back support. You don't have a favorite food because you love everything and your favorite drink is whatever someone else has. Your favorite person is Daddy and you LOVE to be crazy together! You are the cutest, funniest, happy little boy with the biggest attitude.Thank you for making me your Mommy and showing me what makes life wonderful. Happy First Birthday, Camden Lee Steele Whiddon. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could explain!